Fan Fiction Friday

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Chapter 1: Part 1

Mave was bent down on her hands and knees, scrubbing the floor. The rhythmic sound of bristles on metal was seemingly non existent from repetition. She stood up, rubbing her sore back, to examine her work. Mave sighed. There was still much to be done aboard this First Order medical ship she had been sold to.

Mave was a slave, bought off a bounty hunter. Many other girls aboard had come from across the galaxy, but they all had this ship of slaves in common. In fact, the ship had been nicknamed “slave ship” by its prisoners. Every girl aboard was trained to care for wounded First Order officers, though occasionally they came across a resistance fighter. Mave never cared much for choosing sides. To her, a wounded man was a wounded man.

Mave was still lost in her thoughts when she heard a frantic voice calling to her. She turned toward the entrance behind her to see Dara, one of the older slaves.

“Mave! I’m so glad I found you!” she gasped for air. “It’s one of the wounded. He’s having a panic attack.”

“Not again.” Mave dropped her scrubbing brush and followed Dara to the medical ward.

“I don’t know what happened. One minute he was resting peacefully and the next he was thrashing and screaming!” explained Dara.

“We never can tell what’s going on in his head, Dara. He could just be re-living the moments before he was wounded.”

They came into the stark white medical ward. It smelled of bleach and other cleansers. Mave didn’t care much for the smell when she first came here, but now, as with every other part of her routine, she had become numb to it. The walls were lined with shelves of medical supplies and rows of beds, tucked in with crisp sheets or a wounded man.

In the far corner of the room was the wounded man who was in obvious distress.Wounded Man. More like wounded boy, thought Mave. Mave and Dara walked towards him cautiously, but when he let out a loud shout, Dara jumped back. Mave, however, continued to press forward. She felt a strange invisible force pulling her toward him.

She spoke soothing words and stroked his forehead. From the moment she touched him, Mave felt intense sadness and fear.Scenes started to flash before her eyes: war fare, laser fire, and a young boy loosing his life. The boy had calmed down and Mave understood his distress. Dara tentatively walked over to stand at the end of the bed, looking mystified.

“I don’t know how you do it Mave. You always seem to calm them down with a single touch.”

Mave didn’t know how she did it either. Once she began working with the wounded, she seemed to have a special sensitivity to their pain. One touch from her and they could rest easy, while she carried the burden of their sadness in her memories. She hadn’t told anyone and probably never would.

Still stroking the boy’s forehead, Mave heaved a sigh. Dara stared at her with concern.”Mave, you’ve been very….distracted lately. Is there anything you want to talk about?”

“It’s just…” Mave searched for the right word. “hard to explain, Dara. I-”

“Mave! Dara! I’ve been searching everywhere for you two!” Zaila, a slave younger than Mave, stood at the entrance out of breath.”We’ve been called onto a line up. Something about an important visitor.”

The pair exchanged worried looks. Nobody came aboard the “slave ship” unless they were buying a slave or wounded. Mave hoped it would be the latter.

Commander Farley stood in his quarters staring out the window. That’s when he got the message. “We’ve arrived sir.”

“Perfect” Farley  sarcastically commented through clenched teeth. “Now I’ll waste another several hours just trying to find an insignificant slave girl. And all because Kylo Ren got himself battered and beaten by a child. Pathetic.”

‘He must be kept alive’ General Hux had said. And for what? Farley thought to himself as he made his way to the exit ramp. Just because he has the Force?! Ha! The Force. Just another excuse to intimidate everyone around you. The Force doesn’t really exist.

Farley casually strode down the ramp. Before him were two lines of storm troopers with their commanding officer standing at the forefront. Instead of this tedious task, he should be at the First Order meeting being held right now! Farley was sickened by the thought of missing yet another meeting. Each time he missed one, he missed the chance to advocate that the so called Force was not the way to beat the Resistance.

The young officer saluted him. “Commander Farley, sir.”

“Yes, yes.” Farley replied with boredom.” Lets just get this over with.”



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