Fan Fiction Friday

Happy Friday, you guys! We’re trying something new here on the blog: Fan Fiction Friday! We’re pretty pumped about it. The following is a piece of Star Wars fan fiction written by one of our Teen Advisory Board members. There will be more to come! And if you have any fan fiction you’d like to have featured during Fan Fiction Friday, let us know! Stop by the library and bring it with you! It’ll need to be reviewed by our awesome staff, but that takes no time at all.

So here we go! I hope you’re ready for the first edition of Fan Fiction Friday! Enjoy!

Mave’s Journey: A Star Wars Story


      The corridor was dark, but it was always like that. He couldn’t remember a time when it wasn’t. General Hux of the First Order strode down the corridor with purpose and no hesitation. Looking to his right, he could see the vastness of the galaxy through windows lining the outer wall of the command ship. It was a galaxy meant to be ruled.

     Hux stopped in front of a keypad and punched in the code. The door beside him slid open, revealing an even darker path. Before entering, he stared at his reflection in the nearest window. Not a hair out-of-place and a crisp uniform. A leader should always give the impression of perfection. Hux took long strides until he entered a large room with a large face protruding out of the darkness. “My lord.” he said crouching into a kneel.

     “What is your report?” said the face in a husky voice.

     “He’s getting worse. At this rate…..he will die. We have neither the equipment nor the medical skill available to care for him. Much of our  medical staff and droids were lost in our encounter with the Resistance.”

     “Then find someone who can care for him! Kylo Ren must not die!” commanded Supreme Leader Snoke.

     “Yes my lord. I will do all I can.” Hux left then. It was never good to stay too long in Supreme Leader Snoke’s presence, especially when he was impatient. Put in the corridor, Hux stood at one of the windows, pressing his forehead against the cool glass. The stress of trying to keep Kylo Ren alive was getting to him. Hux pulled out his communicator.

    “Phasma!” he bellowed.

     “Yes General Hux?” said a female voice from the communicator.

     “I want you to find someone with medical experience, a droid, a slave, anyone. Just get me someone immediately!”

     “Yes sir. I will put Commander Farley in charge of securing someone.”

     “Fine. Just get it done.” Hux closed his communicator and looked once more at his reflection. Perfect hair, crisp uniform.


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